we craft unique, sustainable boards by hand, using real wood because we don’t believe in cutting corners.

Andrew Huff, Founder of H&P, is a life-long boarder who was tired of buying boards that were either cheap or ugly. So, he started making them himself out of locally-sourced, reclaimed wood.

Now, people all over the Midwest are itching to get their hands on a Huff & Puff board.

Huff & Puff is starting to gain national attention for the quality of their boards' performance and design.

here's everything you need to know:

Huff & Puff has made a name for itself simply because we choose to make boards the way we always wished they would be made. Every board we build is handcrafted from the highest-quality materials and designed the way you want. And every single Huff & Puff board is built to last you a lifetime. We refuse to cut corners when it comes to board quality. Our boards perform like the pro’s, look exactly like you wish they would look and are built sustainably - both for you and the environment.

The name - Huff & Puff Board Co. - was a name Andrew's grandfather came up with shortly before his passing. Today, Huff & Puff operates with the same values as Andrew's grandfather did: honesty, integrity, and artistry. We refuse to take the easy way out - we only use the best materials and we always treat every board like it's the most important one we've made yet. We care about making sustainable, professional-quality boards that exceed both your standards and ours.

All of our boards are crafted using reclaimed wood. We are able to create a beautiful board out of materials that would otherwise be thrown out and never used again. Our design team accounts for each and every piece of reclaimed wood we receive and implement it into a new design. We base our boards on the wood we are able to find. The reclaimed wood we collect may be an old barn beam, scraps and cut off's from local wood shops, or even an aged wine barrel. But our boards don't just look good - they're built to perform.