Huff&Puff Paddle Board

Built using reclaimed Walnut and Basswood. We build each paddle board specifically for the rider. This board is available in 3 different lengths. The rider's weight determines the appropriate board length. We are happy to help determine what board size will fit you best!

  • Shape

    We offer this board in 3 different shapes. Each shape will ride and perform incredibly similar. The biggest difference is visual so pick whichever board you like best!



    -Diamond Tail

    -Square Tail

  • The Real Wood Advantage

    We build every board start to finish. Each piece of wood is hand selected from our reclaimed stockpile. We sift and sort through thousands of boards before we find wood good enough for our paddle board line. Using real wood on a paddle board is hard to do. It's taken us years to perfect this process and it has definitely been worth it. The strength to weight ratio on these boards is nothing short of exceptional. We are able to create a stronger board that can actually weigh less.

  • Features

    -Full wrap around handle. Making carrying incredibly easy

    -Real wood inlayed logo. Yes, even our front logo is made from wood.

    -10" adjustable Futures fin box.

    -Gortex maintenance free vent/leash plug. This plug has a built in filter that lets air out of the board while preventing water from getting in.